My passion is doing mosaic artwork. I didn't discover this passion until later in life.  I loved it so much, however, that I quit teaching English after 17 years and never looked back.


I was mesmerized by stained glass most of my life.  During Sunday morning masses at St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church in Hamilton, Ohio, I could never take my eyes off the windows in our beautiful church that seemed to take on a whole different life of their own once the sun shown through them. The deep blue, orange, yellow, and purple images in the windows from high above lit up even the marble floors.  A neighbor nearby also had an extensive side business of creating stained glass lamp shades.  Again, I was amazed by the richness of the colors.

About Cat​Abab

I never saw myself being an artist.  I was a writer and a teacher.  As it happens for many people, I stumbled upon mosaic art in my late 30's.  Self-taught initially, I later traveled to Chicago Mosaic School during a couple of summers when I was off from teaching.  It was an easy decision to make to go full-time as an artist--I think my passion has been contagious-I've been working on personal commissions ever since I started doing mosaic.

Mosaic Artistry

​Cat's Mosaics